What is a Spider Lift?

A Spider Lift is an elevated work platform.

The Spider Lift:

· reduces in height and width to fit through small openings

· provides a working height of 17.7m

· moves on non-marking rubber tracks

· is lightweight and easily transportable

The Spider Lift's compact size enables it to be used in locations other elevated work platforms are unable to access or fit in.

The Spider Lift enables Tree Work staff to complete jobs even more efficiently and safely than before.

Click here to the Spiderlift specs.


Many of us enjoy living within a few kilometres of bushland in areas that have a bushfire history.
A large number of our homes have trees and shrubs growing within 20m of them...

Tree Removal

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Storm Season

Ensure you and your family are prepared for storms by trimming overhanging tree branches around your home and other outdoor structures.