Frequently Asked Questions.....

Can I see a copy of your Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. We are happy to show you a copy of our Public Liability Insurance. Click here.


 Can you tell me how much it will cost to cut a tree down over the telephone?

No, each job needs to be assessed individually before a price can be given. The tree will be inspected for: stability, splits, decay, nails, wire, spikes, dead, diseased branches, vines, nests, insect colonies, crown leaning heavily, branches intruding from other trees. The job site will be inspected for ease of access to the tree by staff and machinery. The following are also considered: overhead powerlines, electrical line to the property, telephone and cable lines, buildings, fences, gardens and underground services (eg transpiration trenches for septic systems). A price is then supplied after all of these have been considered.


Can you take the tree branches and tree trunk away?

Yes. The tree branches and tree trunk will be fed into the Wood Chipper, the wood chip will flow through to the wood chip bin on the truck and it will be taken away. Logs that are too large to be wood chipped will be loaded into the truck with the mini loader and taken away.


Can I keep the wood chip from my job?

Yes. The wood chip can be left in a pile for your use. We can also distribute the wood chip around your garden for you, using the mini loader.


What do you use wood chip for?

The wood chip is suitable to be used as a garden mulch. It helps reduce weed growth, retain moisture in soil, provides a cool area for plant root growth and promotes healthy soils.


I have a tree in my garden and some of its branches are dead and others look like they are dying. It provides us with a lot of shade and I'd like to save it. What should I do?

We would recommend our Arborist inspect the tree, assess it and provide you with advice. He will be able to advise you on what pests, diseases or environmental conditions are affecting your tree and offer you advice on how to best manage the situation. We enjoy working with you to save trees, we love them!


I've got tree stumps in my lawn and garden. Can you remove them?

Yes. Provided the stump grinding machine is able to access the stumps, old and new stumps and roots can be ground below ground level. Stumps can be ground to fifty centimetres below ground level if required. People often have stumps ground to prevent regrowth and to remove stumps in areas where they pose a safety hazard, look unattractive or limit how the land can be used. Stumps are often ground when preparing areas for paving and concreting.


How much does it cost to grind a stump? Can you give me a price over the telephone?

No, each stump grinding job needs to be assessed individually before a price can be given. The size of the stump, how deep the stump and its roots are to be ground and how easily the stump grinder can access the stump are considered before a price is given.

Do you sell firewood?

Yes.  Dry, split hardwood is sold by the cubic metre and can be delivered.  Please contact us to discuss quantities and prices.

Do you sell wood chip (forest mulch)?

Yes. Wood chip is sold by the cubic metre and can be delivered.  Please contact us to discuss quantities and prices.

Do you sell timber boards and slabs?

Yes.  Various sized boards and slabs are available to purchase.  Please contact us to discuss your timber needs.

Do you mill timber?

Yes.  Timber is milled using a portable sawmill.  Timber boards can be cut to specific dimensions.  Please contact us to discuss your timber needs.


Many of us enjoy living within a few kilometres of bushland in areas that have a bushfire history.
A large number of our homes have trees and shrubs growing within 20m of them...

Tree Removal

When trees simply come down, we can easily and cleanly remove the debris from your land as these  images show....

Storm Season

Ensure you and your family are prepared for storms by trimming overhanging tree branches around your home and other outdoor structures.